The Value of a Termite Inspection during a Property Purchase

The Value of a Termite Inspection during a Property Purchase

Perth is one of the Australian capital cities that have experienced an exponential rise in property prices. Therefore, buying a home is a task that requires careful consideration due to the lifetime consequences that accompany your decision. So, make certain that your next home is sound in all aspects. These include the structural integrity of the building, paperwork, and that the home is free of pest problems. One of the potential problems that could easily dilute the value of your investment is the presence of termites. For this reason, you need specialists in termite control in Perth before paying for that home. Here is a look at the value of their work.

Potential Problems that Termites Pose

It is a well-known fact that termites have the ability to cause greater catastrophic damage than tornadoes, flooding and hurricanes. This is despite their seemingly tiny bodies that you may hardly notice as you view your potential new home. In fact, it is a very small percentage of people who can identify a termite, leave alone understand the damage it may cause.

Termite control in Perth is essential before a home purchase because the insects in question feed on wood from the inside out, making their presence tough to detect. The wooden areas of your new home will, as a result, weaken over time and pose dangers to you and other members of your family. It is not after the damage is severe that an untrained eye may detect a termite infestation, by which time the losses would be in their thousands.

Price Negotiations

The inspection report from a specialist in termite control in Perth is one of the invaluable tools that will aid in your price negotiations. Note that the presence of termites does not in itself indicate that you should not purchase a certain home but that you should be aware of the costs and inconveniences that you may encounter to make the structure habitable. You should, therefore, pay more than you should for a property since the possibility of termite damage is always present.

Secure Funding with Ease

Your mortgage provider will be at ease if you furnish them with an inspection report from a termite control expert. Consequently, your fund’s application will most likely sail through because there is sufficient evidence to suggest that the value of the home will not fall anytime soon. Remember that the mortgage provider will underwrite the loan for your new home, and their concerns over its future worth are genuine.

Avert Future Problems

A termite control expert will help you with indispensable advice on how to prevent future infestations. You learn how to detect early signs of an infestation too, which will help you control the potential damage that the little monsters may cause. Some of the first signs include the presence of sexually mature subterranean adults that could be looking for new areas to start colonies. These varieties are usually present during early Spring, and are winged, so you may notice them flying. Other signs include mud tubes outside the home, bubbling or cracked paintwork, wooden areas of the home that sound hollow when tapped slightly and the presence of termite wings around the property.

Overall, a termite inspection is just as important as any other evaluation of a new home if not more. The cost of getting one is negligible when you consider the fact that you could spend thousands on repair and maintenance tasks, in addition to endangering your family and pets.