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Take a Break from Caring for an Elderly Loved One without Worries, Get Aged Care Respite

Take a Break from Caring for an Elderly Loved One without Worries, Get Aged Care Respite

There will come a point in your career as a carer that you will feel stressed and burned out. If you’re doing it out of the love for your older parents or for an elderly family member, the sacrifices you make are likely to be twice as much.

It’s ok to admit that you are tired and you need a break. With aged care respite available, you can take that much-needed break without the worries of who will take care of the seniors you’re going to leave behind.

Who should hire respite care?

Whether you’re caring for a senior at home or working as a team member in a care home, you are eligible to sign up for aged care respite services. And there is an important reason that you should get respite care–it brings a positive experience for you and for the person you’re caring for.

Because working when you are physically and emotionally tired can have an impact on the quality of care that you provide. It is also likely that your patience will run out and you’d snap. This is the last thing you want to happen.

Before this happens, it is important that you take a break and re-energise so you’ll feel rejuvenated when you return to work or to taking care of an elderly loved one. Let Arcare aged care respite relieve you of the hard work you’ve been doing and reward yourself with some rest and relaxation.

Respite care is also beneficial to people who are frail, with disability, have a mental illness, or are suffering from dementia.

How is it beneficial to them?

They get to meet new people which, for some seniors translate to a new experience or a new environment. Depending on the respite care services, they will also have the opportunity to engage in new activities and have fun.

Who will take over you during respite care?

The professionals who will care for seniors will depend on the type of professional respite you hire. In most cases, professional respite care will be provided by aged care or disability services. Of course, you also have the option to ask for help from other family members or friends.

Professional Respite Services

Home care

Someone from the aged care or disability facility will visit for a few hours or days, depending on the arrangement.

Disability respite services

A senior with disability will spend time at a centre or a volunteer’s home where they receive support to do leisure, group, and recreational activities.

Centre-based or community access respite care

Care for the elderly or for people with disability are provided in a specialist respite centre.

Residential respite care

When daily or 24-hour help is needed, a senior can have a short stay in an aged care residence like Arcare. Visit for more details.

Emergency and crisis respite

This is provided to people or family with an emergency for a short term.

Overnight or weekend respite

This arrangement is usually made in a respite house or in a host family’s home. Here, a senior can receive overnight or weekend care.

As you can see, different respite care services offer assistance to you in different situations. If your daughter is I’ll, for example, you can hire emergency and crisis respite so that your older parents are taken care of while you look after your sick child. read more